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Here are some common issues that you may encounter when using obj files with Maya and the way to fix them.


Problem1: The object is black when imported.
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This is my technique to create a poly roller coaster. It's not the fastest way to do it, considering that you can easily make a track by extruding a surface or a plane, along the curve of the track, then plug a black and white gradient into the transparency node to make the railway ties. You will get a flat track, so it's good for a long shot but not so great for a close-up.
With the technique in this tutorial, you will be able to control the overall look. I made a very basic one but feel free to add as much detail as you want. 


PS: Pour les francophones qui ne comprennent pas l'anglais, n'hésitez pas à poser vos questions en commentaire.



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If you wonder how you can set up an animation in order to have an arm driven by the other arm in POSER, follow the steps presented in this video.



This is a simple technique that you can use, not only for animating two handed sword fight, but any kind of activities that require two hands, such as playing tennis, fishing, driving, etc.


PS: Pour les francophones qui ne comprennent pas l'anglais, ce tutoriel est assez basique, toutefois, s'il y a quelque chose que vous ne comprenez pas, n'hésitez pas à me le demand ... Read more »

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