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I was testing Maya and POSER integration with the PoserFusion plug-in, basically what i did was apply a bvh file to the character in POSER, save the scene and then open the pz3 file in MAYA. It went really well, the animation was identical, the textures loaded perfectly and the viewport was pretty fast. I also have downloaded the Craft Director Studio that i didn't get the chance to try. So i decided to make a little animation with those elements. 


I planed to render at 720p but it was going to take too much time so i did a 480p render instead. I also used z-depth pass in post, instead of MAYA depth of field (the result is not so pretty but you save a ... Read more »

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A little sword fight scene that i did in poser with bvh files. POSER is not the greatest tool to make animations, but it works really well with bvh files, as long as the bones structure of the character and the bvh are similar.




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